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Plant of the Month

Hydrangea - Pink Macrophylla

July – Hydrangea

Unrivalled in the shrub world, Hydrangea can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs, or self-clinging climbers.  They are easy to cultivate, hardy and tolerant of almost any soil.  From late spring to late autumn these elegant plants produce an abundance of delicate flower heads in shades of pink, white or blue. When little else may be in …

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Things to Do

trained trees

Trim trained trees

Apple and pear trees that have been trained into cordons or espaliers need pruning this month.  A trim will maintain the shape of the tree and prevent new growth from taking up space needed by developing fruit.  Cut back new shoots coming from the main stem to three leaves from their base.  Also cut back …

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Interesting Facts

Pelargonium Attar of Roses

Pelargonium ‘Attar of Roses’

These wonderful plants are often mistakenly called geraniums.  They are all part of the same family but whilst geraniums are hardy garden plants, pelargoniums originate from South Africa and are therefore not frost hardy. I adore scented leaf pelargoniums and this is one of my favourites!  Pelargonium ‘Attar of Roses’ has light green, hairy leaves …

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Design Tips

Perennial Grasses

Perennial grasses

Grasses are an invaluable part of any garden designer’s repertoire.  Long before any consideration of colour, the garden designer needs to think about structure, texture and movement in a garden and within a border.  Grasses offer all of these and are able to enhance the garden all summer and well into autumn and winter. They …

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