Our Design Process

Below are details of the full garden design service offered by Topia Design Limited.  As each project is unique you may not need, or want, all of these stages.

Initial Consultation

Where we introduce ourselves and gather information pertaining to your site and requirements.  From this we will produce a design brief according to the site and available budget.


  • An on-site introduction meeting between Topia Design Limited and the client.
  • Discussion of client requirements.
  • Completion of questionnaire.
  • Brief site assessment.
  • Establish budget.
  • Develop outline design brief, to be forwarded to client.
  • Prepare preliminary fee proposal, to be forwarded to client.

Survey & Site Analysis

  • Accumulation and assimilation of all site data.
  • Recording of site measurements, including a linear and a levels survey, if necessary.
  • Analysis of existing on-site and immediate off-site conditions.
  • Development of a scale site plan.


Design Package

This stage sees the design develop from initial concept plans, through development, to a final design ready for construction. 

The Concept

  • Detailed discussion of site and design requirements.
  • Production of a detailed design brief.
  • Preparation of two concept designs, presented to the client.

The Layout

  • Refinement of the preferred concept design.
  • Approval of a layout design.
  • Discussion to establish desired materials.
  • Presentation of layout design.


Planting Details

Initial ideas will be discussed and developed into precise and comprehensive planting plans and schedules for all soft landscaping within your new garden design.

  • Preparation of Planting Mood Board, presented to client.
  • Preparation of Planting Plan.
  • Preparation of Planting Schedule.


Where quotations are sought for construction and a contractor is engaged to build the new garden.

  • Preparation of tender documentation to landscaping companies if required.
  • Invitations to tender.
  • Commission landscaping company.


Further services offered by Topia Design Limited.

  • Supply of Plants & Garden Goods
  • Consultation Visits
  • Planting Plans