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Plant of the Month

November – Sorbus

 Time to sing the praises of Sorbus!  This genus comprises around 100 trees and shrubs including whitebeams (simple leaves) and rowans (compound leaves). The rowans are an excellent choice for a small garden as they do not make big trees and they offer something all year round.  Their berries range from white to yellow, orange, …

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Things to Do


November Jobs

Clean your greenhouse and disinfect it in time to overwinter tender perennials such as pelargoniums. You can either line with bubble wrap or install a heater on a timer to keep it to temperature when the thermometer drops below zero.   If your terracotta pots have a particularly intricate, raised design or are sited in …

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Interesting Facts


Sloe – Prunus spinosa

The bush that bears the sloe is called the blackthorn. This shrubby tree can reach a height of 4m and has very spiny thorns and shiny black berries. Tiny white blossoms appear on the tree from May onwards and the black sloes are the great-grandmothers of our cultivated garden plums. Most of you will know …

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Design Tips


Lighting – a few pointers

The beauty of installing some carefully placed lights is that you can create a whole new look for your garden at night. You can create a fabulous outdoor room incorporating more practical lighting for outdoor entertaining during the summer months but also a theatrical set which can be viewed from the warmth of your kitchen …

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