Some thoughts on trees . . .


Trees in a garden are vital.  They straddle the divide between the hard landscaping and the planting.  Additionally, they play a pivotal role in the architecture and design of a garden.  They are living forms which change and grow with the seasons.  Far too many people resist planting trees as they will not see them in their maturity.  They are missing the point!  There is so much delight and beauty to be had along the way.  Planted correctly, in conditions that suit, trees will grow surprisingly quickly.

As a general rule, in a larger garden, I would advise planting specimen trees, for example, Amelanchier, Prunus or Cornus nearer the house and more indigenous varieties such as oaks, limes and horse chestnuts further away.  For a smaller garden with perhaps the addition of one tree, this needs careful consideration.  Try to pick a tree that can give you something throughout the seasons.  A good example is Malus x robusta ‘Red Sentinel’ which has wonderful blossom and will keep its red fruit all winter.

Further, trees with more natural form usually work best in a soft landscape whilst more angular trees work better in an urban garden or a more modern design.

One last thought for you. Please be aware of the final size of the tree you choose and do not plant it too close to your house.  Leaves in the gutter and roots undermining the foundations will not endear you to tree planting!