Annuals and frost tender plants


We had a hard frost the other night – the grass was crunchy underfoot and the violas were curled up in protest.  I was worried that I had seen the last of my Wisteria sinensis flowers but they seem to be hanging on in there.  I have noticed over the years that the buds are significantly less frost hardy than the flowers.

Whilst there is little you can do about the tender perennials and new flowers, you can at least resist the temptation to plant out your annuals and fill your pots, at least for the very early part of this month.  The garden centres and nurseries are keen for you to buy these plants (even keener if yours are frosted off and you need to buy again) but there is a reason that they have them under cover – they are not ready for the elements until the last chance of a frost has passed.  Around the middle of the month I reckon.  So not long now!